Brother Martin vs De La Salle – High School 6v6

De La Salle and Brother Martin faced off for their first ever match in the CCS 6v6 High School League. This match will definitely serve as a teaching moment for the De La Salle squad as they were defeated by Brother Martin’s summer team 8-0.

With 5 goals in the first half, and three in the second, the score didn’t reflect the closeness of the game. Though Brother Martin’s quick counter attacks and triangle passing found there way through the De La Salle defense several times. De La Salle’s energy and enthusiasm never lacked, and every single player participated.

Brother Martin had 13 shots with ten on goal, to De La Salle’s 7 with 4 on goal. De La Salles keeper played admirably and made numerous saves and stops.


Both Brother Martin and De La Salle play matches this Saturday for the third week of the summer league. All parents, friends, and schoolmates are welcome to attend these matches.