Wed D3 News: Parish Players vs AC Milan Lounge

In a match that was back and forth for both sides, the ending score was 2-2.


When the whistle was blown to start the game, Parish Players went in with a bang, looking very offensive to a predominately defensive AC Milan Lounge squad, and forcing AC Milan keeper Chris Jones to make numerous saves. However, out of nowhere, a AC Milan counter was able to put then up by 1, with the final goal being applied by Kevin Z. in the 11 minute. This is when the Parish Players stepped up their game. They pursued relentlessly and put at lot of pressure on AC Milan Lounge. Then finally, after the 20 minute Jonathan Fisher of the Parish Players, was able to squeeze by a fantastic diving Chris Jones to level the scoreboard 1-1.


The second half saw much of the same thing, the Parish Players dominated possession, while AC Milan Lounge played defensively. AC Milan used tactical defense and focused on blocking the sides to force the Parish Players to play down the middle. In this epic battle of wills and tactics, the Parish Players were able to finally get a well deserved lead in the 11 minute by Angel P. to make the score 1-2. AC Milan fought back, however, showing they can attack as well as defend, with numerous good looks on goal. Then finally, in the 17 minute of the second half Micheal Connor was able to equalize the score 2-2. Both teams wanted the win. However, neither side could get that last goal, and the match ended 2-2.



Both teams play again next week, so be sure to comeback to watch the matches. Any friends, relatives, or co-workers are welcome to attend.