Crescent City Soccer aims to grow and connect the soccer community in New Orleans by providing quality leagues for anyone to experience and enjoy the game. In October 2019, we celebrated our 10th anniversary of organized play, which saw hundreds of leagues and thousands of players from all backgrounds come together.

CCS works with New Orleans area schools for the purpose of creating or enhancing school and athletic programs. 

Since inception, CCS has supported athletic and school programs and facilities of FirstLine Schools — Samuel Green Charter School, Arthur Ashe Charter School, John Dibert Community School, Phyllis Wheatley School, Langston Hughes Academy, and Joseph S. Clark Preparatory High School. First Line is committed to providing all students with opportunities, support, and mentoring through academic enrichment programs. In addition to the core academic curriculum, students are able to participate in gardening, cooking, sports, music, dance, arts and other enrichment activities after regular school-hours. It is an honor and a pleasure to give back to such a motivated and caring organization.