Competition Levels:

Recreational Leagues are for anyone looking to get out, exercise or JUST HAVE FUN (and get great discounts at local small businesses with the “League Card!”) without the intensity and competitive atmosphere.

The Competitive Leagues provide a bit more of a challenge (yes, you still get the “League Card!”).

Next League Start-dates:

Green Charter – 6v6
Monday: 6v6 Competitive II  – November 18th
Tuesday: 6v6 Competitive I – February 11th
Wednesday: 6v6 Competitive III –  December 11th

Friday 6v6 Coed Recreational – Summer
Friday 6v6 Over 30 – December 6th
Saturday: 6v6 Competitive – November 16th
Saturday 6v6 High School: March 7th
Sunday: 6v6 Recreation  –  November 10th

Wheatley – 6v6
Monday 6v6 Over 30 – January 13th
Tuesday 6v6 Coed – December 3rd
Wednesday 6v6 Competitive IV – November 20th
Thursday 6v6 Over 30 Coed – December 19th

City Park & Harrell – 7 v 7
Monday 7v7 Womens –  City Park/Harrell Stadium – TBD
Wednesday: 7v7 Coed I – City Park /Harrell Stadium – December 11th
Thursday: 7v7 Competitive  – OFF
Weekend: 7v7 Coed –  Harrell Stadium – November 17th

***Competitive I is our most competitive league


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